ISDP 10003 certification

SELEA S.r.l., with a view to maximum protection of the customers who adopt its solutions, for the products of the TARGA-CPS line, has recently got the ISDP© 10003 certification

Certification is voluntary and its overriding goal is to instil confidence in all stakeholders that a product meets the specified requirements.Certification generates a level of trust and respect that is ensured by expert third parties impartially demonstrating specific requirements have been fulfilled.

SELEA’s certification awarded by the ISDP©10003 scheme, in relation to the products to which it applies, provides a guarantee to stakeholders of the adoption of a method of analysis and control of related principles and standards for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and their free circulation.

The ISDP©10003 certification scheme, accredited by Accredia as a single accreditation body designated by the Italian state pursuant to art. 2 septiesdecies of Legislative Decree 101/2018, provides a guarantee that SELEA has carried out the processing operations in compliance with the European Regulation no. 2016/679, pending any additions to the criteria, pursuant to art. 42.5.

Voluntary application of the ISDP©10003 scheme, and corresponding awarding of relative certification, constitutes documentary proof that SELEA has implemented a system of analysis and control of the principles of processing personal data and of the level of diligence and accountability of the organisation with regard to compliance with the regulation.

Therefore, obtaining certification whose purpose is assessing compliance with mandatory rules on the protection of personal data doesn’t in itself demonstrate compliance, but helps to prove that the data controller has complied with the requirements, defining and implementing adequate technical and organisational measures, procedures for the correct management of the rights of data subjects and company processes based on compliance with the principles established by the regulation (WP29 opinion 3/2010 no. 173).

Finally, we are pleased to report that the European Commission, following the study carried out in February 2019: “Data protection Certification mechanism, study on art. 42 and 43 of GDPR” has evaluated the ISDP©10003 certification on 117 schemes considered in the world, as a certification scheme for the purpose of art. 42 and in line with the GDPR.

The certification achieved by SELEA for the TARGA-CPS product line includes all the following subsystems that compose it:

  • ANPR-OCR cameras for number plate reading
  • CPS 3.0
  • APP for tablets and mobile phones
  • SELEA bot (by Telegram)

Achieving this result strengthens the trust that customers have rightly placed in the company.

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