Access Control

Out of all the various solutions available, why is it advised to propose a number plate recognition system for access control?
The main reasons are undoubtedly based on SIMPLICITY OF USE and a higher level of SECURITY, by preventing opening/closing devices such as remote controls/codes from being shared between people and in the worst case scenario, the danger of ending up in the wrong hands.

A useful and secure solution for everyone, especially for those who have to manage a large number of customers such as Campsites, Hotels, and Apartment complexes. These establishments often find themselves having to deal with issues such as devices being lost or given to unauthorised third parties. A number plate recognition system is the perfect solution to such problems. Working autonomously with a single scan of the number plate itself, it saves the user money, there is no need to purchase of a large number of remote controls or similar devices and it offers countless benefits in terms of more efficient and secure access management.