Surprises and time wasting inevitably have a significant impact on profit margins. When installing a vehicle access control system, it often happens that many products involve a tricky set-up phase and are not accurate at all. iZero represent a brilliant solution that combines style, easy installation and accurate reading. What more could you want?

Up to 20Km/h

Vehicle speed


Reading accuracy


TCP/IP number plate recognition camera (ANPR-OCR) for flawless and reliable access control at low speed. Its stylish look and easy installation make it ideal for settings such as car parks, hotels, apartment complexes, campsites and companies. The product is installed near the gate/barrier. Available in both the "Box" and "Column" models.

Absolute precision

Guaranteed performance for those looking for zero surprises, zero problems and zero errors

Easy set-up

Easy installation and operating parameter adjustment

White list management (FULL version only)

Internal memory for storing authorised plate numbers