A little evaluation error can compromise the relationship of trust that you have painstakingly built over time with the customer. Why take this risk? Targa 504 has been designed with a 10x zoom lens so as to adapt to any type of installation and to offer you maximum flexibility in adjusting the frame, which makes it suitable for the changing needs of end users and offers versatility when you are not sure of the fixing point.



50 km/h


3~10 mt



IP camera for reading number plates (ANPR-OCR) for access control- one key feature is its adjustable 10x optical zoom. Quick and easy to install (works without PC), it offers amazing reading accuracy even with dirty, worn or damaged number plates. It can be "pole" or "wall" mounted and integrated with the most well-known access control systems such as: SKYDATA, FAAC, HUB PARKING, HONEYWELL, SIEMENS and many others.

Adjustable Varifocal lens 5-55mm

A 10x optical zoom that makes camera positioning flexible

Colour context sensor (optional)

5 Mpixels for also transmitting a panoramic image of the context

Serial, USB, Ethernet and Wiegand interfaces

Possible integration with any access control system or automatic opening device

ISDP10003 certified

A guarantee of compliance with the legislation for the protection of security and privacy