There are many gates for reading number plates found in many towns and cities, but there is no possibility of them connecting and interacting, meaning their value in terms of security is diminished and limited to a small range of action. There is no truer motto than collaboration being the key to success. CPS Manager is that element that allows you to build a unique, collaborative digital environment, which allows all the different police forces to make a real difference, by combining resources and skills for integrated and comprehensive security of the target area.


A solution for law enforcement use, developed mainly for the various Police Forces, to detect in real time the transit of vehicles included in their special black-list, but also to convey information from all number plate recognition systems (even of different brands) distributed throughout the province or county, in a single station. An essential tool for carrying out all the operations of research and data extrapolation which, last but not least, results in a considerable saving of time and resources of all the police units involved in the investigations.

Alert function for reporting: Front men, accomplices and thefts with direct notifications on BOT INTERFORZE system

INVESTIGATIONS in real time with tracking on the map of the position and route of the vehicle

COMPLETE AUTONOMY in the search for information with great savings in time and personnel both for Local and National Police

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