The devil lies in the detail.
Have you ever received a message on your mobile phone and been unable to read the display due to the sun or too much light?
Now, think about the potential practical benefit if in the same conditions, the message was converted into a “text to speech” format to listen to and you were a police officer responding to an emergency.
This is just one of the many functions of CPS MONITOR.


CPS Monitor is an application for viewing the alerts that are sent from the control operating unit of the CPS 4.0 Number Plate System (or from the CPS Manager) and is available both as an App for Android devices (smartphone, Tablet), and as a program for Windows operating system (PC and notebook). It is a solution designed to make the job of police operators working in the field both quick and practical.

Connection to Ministerial databases

Both visual and text to speech alerts of the type of notification and licence plate number

Communication with radio equipment

Traffic fines or blacklisted vehicle reports

Displaying of all data associated with the report

User management

VPN protected connection