You will have noticed an unspoken contradiction to the logic of the current market, which on the one hand, in order to push sales, incessantly introduces new, more feature-rich and complex products, while on the other, sees the customer cry out for greater simplicity and speed of use. MULTICAM: a software solution that does away with anything superfluous and unused, and focuses on a set of functions that can be used by the customer in a simple, clear, and user-friendly way.


Single-user software for an individual Windows workstation that has four different uses: as a manager and aggregator of information and metadata from Selea OCR cameras for reading number plates; as an access control and parking management system with PAM module but also as a viewer/client for the MVR software or as a surveillance video recorder for simple single-station systems. MULTICAM is also suitable for those who need to combine both their vehicle access control system and the various video surveillance cameras on a single screen. It operates on Windows 10 Operating System, 2016 Server

Vehicle access management and control with extension of the PAM module

Video recording, reading of licence plates and video streams from standard IP cameras

Multi-monitor viewer for MVR software

Management of events and alerts

Double parking detection with immediate drawing up of the fine