If you work in the field of video surveillance, for sure you will have seen the vast array of video management system (VMS) products that have appeared on the market. They are products that over the years have acquired more and more functions, losing what we believe to be the basic aspects that many users love and still seek today: simplicity and ease of use. Today just like in the past, MVR software is the answer to both these requirements, while still offering the primary functions for quality video surveillance.


Video recording and surveillance software (Video management systems-VMS) suitable for those wanting a more straight-forward and more user-friendly solution, for the recording, management and centralisation of video streams, data and alerts coming from the devices forming the video surveillance system. MVR is suitable for police forces, companies and private use. It is a multi-user program, developed on the Windows operating system, which supports and manages any type of IP cameras (brand and model) through the RTP/RTSP protocol compatible with the ONVIF standard.

User management with different permissions

Management of patrols (tours)

Third-party camera integration

Distribution of resources across multiple servers

Video recording up to 150 streams

Operating system: Windows 10, 2016 Server