If you are involved in access control, you know just how much vehicle transit monitoring has become increasingly necessary and widespread. It represents a growing need especially in the business world, such as those involved in moving goods and therefore subject to high traffic of heavy goods vehicles, but also for everyone else that needs to protect against theft: the news is full of cases of “fake” couriers stealing. PAM is there to control, verify and prevent unauthorised persons from entering.


PAM is a module of the MULTICAM software and as such it can be used both as an access control and parking management system and as a video surveillance system for the area concerned. PAM has been designed to meet the needs of those who manage parking and parking spaces for their customers, such as: Companies, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Private Car Parks. PAM offers a wide range of parking space administration functions for the management of permits, times, counting the cost of staying or special types of customers (VIPs or family groups), reserving, for special categories (ambulances, police, suppliers or special customers), and the automatic opening permission regardless of any other conditions set for other users.

Authorised persons access only with management of multiple user categories

Antipassback function

Free access for time slots/days and user categories

Assignment of a certain number of parking spaces to each user category

Entry management based on the number of spaces available