The king of the BOTs. If you really want to make a difference, join the largest and most exclusivegroup reserved only for LOCAL POLICE and NATIONAL POLICE through the SELEA BOT INTERFORZE APP that you can download and use for free. This huge community is where all national police forces come together to exchange alerts and pertinent information, thereby giving life to a new way of working together in the field of integrated urban security.

VIS UNITA FORTIOR - United strength is stronger

SELEA BOT INTERFORZE is a free tool that brings together the largest community of police forces in Italy today to exchange real-time alerts and useful information on events critical to public safety. A secure application, encrypted and certified privacy by design and privacy by default (ISDP10003), which acts as a bridge between all Police divisions for truly participatory and integrated urban video surveillance. SELEA BOT INTERFORZE is available for both fixed (Windows, Linux, Mac) and mobile (Android, Apple) stations.

Real-time sharing of information for public safety

Allows you to carry out checks on vehicles by consulting the database of the CPS software installed in the control unit

It allows you to insert or remove vehicles in the central black list directly from your smartphone

A solution designed according to the criteria of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default and therefore certified ISDP10003 to guarantee compliance with the rules set by the GDPR 2016/679

The only bot that leaves no trace of sensitive data on remote servers

The connection is protected by HTTPS - TLS1.3 encryption