If you work in the field of container reading, you know that precision is the cornerstone for automatising a goods control system and saving time. There is nothing better than relying on those who have made accuracy their number one focus: Targa 704ILB, a highly specialised tool in reading ILU BIC codes, able to guarantee that out of one million containers, 99.8% will be read correctly.





Container Specialist

Targa 704ILB is the IP camera (OCR) specialised in reading container codes (ILU-BIC) characterised by high reading accuracy, without the aid of external synchronisation devices. It is perfect for speeding up the goods track & trace process, automating the container loading/unloading process, and replacing data transcription, which usually takes place manually. A product aimed at the port and airport sector.

Integrated OCR sensor

It ensures accurate reading of container codes

Accuracy greater than 99%

Both rear codes and those placed on the upper side of the container

XLM Standard communication

To communicate the data read to any type of management system

ISDP 10003 certified

A product designed according to the criteria of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default in line with legislation on security and privacy