Urban security

In urban security, as well as in access control, is it possible to identify a determining factor?

We know that price is a key aspect of a purchase decision making process and is important for everyone, but statistics show that it doesn’t always correlate to greater savings and, above all, it is not the factor that will lead you to make the best choice.

In reality, with tens of thousands of transits per day, recorded on most city arterial roads, the less accurate the camera is, the more reading errors occur that accumulate in the databases every day; the end result being security staff are faced with serious problems caused by such imprecision.

Tens of thousands of erroneous data that, both for public safety and for investigations, represent a real security problem. So, it is fair to ask yourself if it is right to focus only on the apparent lower initial cost for the purchase or if it is more profitable to invest directly in detection tools that ensure high quality and outstanding product performance.

Selea is firmly convinced that precision is the key factor in creating an integrated urban security system to support those involved in protecting citizens as well as spending public money wisely.