What do you do when the customer’s savings philosophy is coupled with the “lowest price” logic, but you don’t want to undermine your reputation with an inefficient and non-functional solution?
In this situation Targa 205 is the answer you are looking for so as not to disappoint your expectations, but above all those of the end user, in terms of “reliability and guarantee” on product performance.



140 Km/h


12 Vdc

Power supply




ANPR-OCR number plate recognition camera, also equipped with a high-resolution colour context sensor and compliant with the specifications required by the SCNTT.It has all the features that make it ideal for creating licence plate reading gates (both entrance/exit in car parks, and for controlling city streets) at a low cost but without sacrificing performance and precision.

Built-in dual sensor

Because a dual sensor camera (OCR + context 5 MPX color) inevitably offers significantly higher reading performance than a single sensor solution

Colour context sensor

For high-resolution colour images (5 Mpixel)

12 Vdc power supply

For those who want to power pole-mounted cameras in low voltage

Accreditation UNI10772:2016

UNI10772:2016 accreditation class A with 100% reading accuracy even with motorcycles

ISDP10003 certification

A product designed according to the criteria of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default as a guarantee and in compliance with the rules on security and privacy