Imagine having to read number plates on two different lanes.
Imagine, then, having to install 2 cameras, 2 power supply units and 2 data connections.
Imagine, now, being able to do all this with one device, one power supply and one connection.
This can be achieved with Targa 750, resulting in reduced costs, time and materials being used.



200 Km/h


30 m





Professional camera (ANPR-OCR), for recognising the number plates of vehicles in transit, even at high speed, on gates and roads with two lanes running in both directions; suitable for integrated urban security, but also suitable for large-scale corporate access control. Like all Selea cameras, Targa 750 is equipped with integrated OCR, accredited UNI 10772:2016 in class A with 100% accuracy on front, rear, two-line, motorbike and moped plates. Also available in a version with built-in high-resolution context camera, compliant with the technical characteristics required by the CEN of Naples (SCNTT).

Built-in dual sensor:OCR + context

Because a dual sensor camera (OCR + context) inevitably offers significantly higher reading performance than a single sensor solution

Colour context sensor

For high-resolution colour images (5 Mpixel)

Dangerous goods reading (ADR)

For greater area monitoring and safety through the reading of the KEMLER-ONU codes on vehicles that transport dangerous goods

Expandable internal memory

For those who also need to store images on the camera - up to 1TByte

SCNTT (CEN of Naples)

Image quality and precision comply with SCNTT requirements

100% class A accredited according to UNI10772:2016

UNI10772:2016 accreditation with 100% reading accuracy even with motorcycles

ISDP10003:2018 certified

A product designed according to the criteria of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default in line with legislation on security and privacy