TARGA 706-new

TARGA 706-new

Available as from 1 September 2023

Customize it and make it unique

Video surveillance camera with integrated number plate reading algorithm, equipped with double sensor (OCR + colour context), fully customizable thanks to the insertion of one or more optionally available video analysis algorithms ideal for identifying: brand & model, colour, class, vehicles moving in the wrong direction, U-turns, stationary vehicles, smoke/fire. Optional algorithms can also eventually be supplemented. This makes the camera consistently modern and in line with your future needs. For further information, see the comparative table of the new models.


Additional algorithms are optionally available for make & model, colour, class, wrong direction, U-turn, stationary vehicles, smoke/fire recognition.


Camera equipped as standard with a 2 Mpx OCR sensor dedicated to reading number plates on a single lane and equipped with a 5 Mpx colour sensor dedicated to capturing the context


The standard 5 Mpx context sensor can be replaced with the optional 2 Mpx Night Vision sensor which has high nocturnal sensitivity


The camera is equipped with an interface for the Selea environmental sensor, ideal for analysing the levels of PM10 and 2.5 fine particles present in the environment


Camera equipped with memory expansion ports up to 1 TB, for storing images directly on the camera


Solution certified according to the ISDP10003 scheme as it has been designed according to the criteria of Privacy by design and Privacy by default to guarantee compliance with the rules set out in the GDPR 2016/679